ESRI-MUG Mission Statement

The Esri Mid-Atlantic User Group (Esri-MUG) is a multi-disciplinary organization with a membership base of users applying Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and applications in both private and public areas.  Esri-MUG is committed to assisting members within its 121,000 square mile geographical extent (Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, and West Virginia) to identify and educate users regarding GIS trends, Esri product development, local/regional applications, and events of interest. 


We are receptive to partnerships with other organizations (both GIS as well as “IS” oriented) at the formal and grass-roots level in our effort to convey the uses and benefits of GIS.  We hold one (1) annual conference for all users, as well as “local” meetings each year in partnership with Esri, our sponsoring organization.  These meetings, as well as our web site, serve to bring together our members in an interactive environment to see demonstrations of Esri product developments and demonstrate local applications of GIS technology. 


Our goal is to foster collaboration among all user entities and monitor industry trends to assure that our knowledge base is as current and practical as possible.  We welcome all interested members with a focus towards those using, or planning to use, Esri products as part of their overall information system design and application.